Welcome to the MKIV Supra weight reduction page!  This is a page created for both hardtop owners who are passionate about making their cars lighter, but also targa owner who share our passion for weight reduction.  Targa owners who are passionate about this stuff have always been considered "honorary hardtoppers" by me, so I want to make this section for all of us who devote considerable thought, research, time, and money towards making the Supra as pure and responsive as possible.  We're the folks who believe that big stereos are for your home, creature comforts only needed when they are light, and realize that weight reduction is the purest form of modding around...making the car not only accelerate faster, but also stop and turn better as well.  We are what I consider the most hardcore of all Supra owners, but also careful to consider what we're doing for fear of it impacting our overall satisfaction of our fine cars.

I plan this site to eventually become the premiere weight reduction site for MKIV Supras anywhere.  However, to accomplish this goal...I need your help.  Whenever possible, please weigh any stock or aftermarket parts that you can, and send the weights to me.  I will have two sections...one for stock parts so we can compare weights and see what can be removed, and a second for aftermarket parts so we can see how much the comparable parts are that we are planning to use.


Please submit all parts weights to:  stethe@comcast.net

What is Basic Weight Reduction (BWR)?

Basic Weight Reduction (BWR) refers to some tried and true weight loss that we do to our MKIV Supras.  This does not apply only to hardtops, but also to targa cars (hardtops just get an obvious head start advantage!).  We will continue to develop this BWR definition, and a copyright and T-shirts are being prepared to celebrate the occasion (joke!).

BWR (Basic Weight Reduction)

Removal of rear seat and all rear seatbelts/bolts
Removal of stock spare tire
Removal of stock jack
Replacement of stock air box with aftermarket intake assembly
Replacement of stock cats with aftermarket downpipe
Replacement of stock exhaust with aftermarket S/S or Ti exhaust

BWR+ (in addition to the above BWR mods)

Replacement of stock battery with Odyssey or Hawker sealed battery (15+ pounds to save)
Replacement of stock steering wheel/airbag with aftermarket unit
Replacement of stock wheels with lighter aftermarket wheels
Removal of factory subwoofer enclosure and sub
Removal of factory gas tank cover
Removal of window washer reservoir and all hoses
Removal of under radiator cover
Removal of EGR and addition of EGR block off plates
"Lightweight" glovebox mod...removal of steel plate inside factory glovebox

BWR++ (in addition to the BWR+ mods)

Removal of stock inner fender liners
Removal of TRAC pump assembly and TRAC ECU
Removal of factory skid plate on crossmember
Removal of factory charcoal canister
Removal of factory cruise control/cruise ECU
Replacement of factory flywheel/clutch with lightweight aluminum flywheel/sprung hub or multi-disc clutch
Replacement of factory seats with lightweight race seats/sliders
Replacement of stock aluminum hood with aftermarket fiberglass or carbon fiber hood (10+ pounds to save)

BWR+++ (in addition to the BWR++ mods)

Removal of factory A/C
Removal of heater core and complete HVAC assembly
Removal of stock airbags/SRS module/wiring
Removal of stock power antenna
Removal of carpet padding/carpet


Removal of rear speakers and brackets
Removal of stock radiator cover
Removal of stock rear glass and replacement with a Lexan rear window
Removal of factory undercoating
Removal of hood weather stripping
Removal of rear trunk shade
Removal of rear interior panels
Removal of under hatch cover
Removal of factory tow hooks (5 pounds for the front two)
Removal of factory glove box
aluminum radiator overflow tank bracket
No door speaker enclosure
shaved headlights
Replace radiator fan or pulley with electric equivalents
custom seat brackets for the aftermarket seats (aluminum)
Removal of hood cable/latch/brackets, addition of aluminum hood pins
Removal of ecu bracket and shield/rubber
Removal of rear hatch cylinders
Modified front and rear bumper supports
Swiss drilled
Custom steering adapter
Removal of hatch wiper/assembly
Removal of sound deadening all over the car
Removal of stock stereo and amplifier (replaced with aftermarket headunit and only 2 front speakers)
Modified aftermarket bumper/ The stock weighs 11lbs
Replacement of stock steel muffler hanges with aluminum equivalents
Custom brackets where applicable