Matt Griffin's 1995 Supra NA-T hardtop

Matt Griffin comes to the hardtop registry by way of New Jersey, and has transformed his 1995 NA 5 speed hardtop into the awesome TT beast you see below.


I bought this car a little under two years ago in NA form with 96k miles on it. Before that I absolutely was obsessed with Supras, never thought I would ever own or drive one for that matter. I purchased a 1988 n/a supra auto for my first car, beat the $hit out of it. Moved on to a 1987 turbo 5 speed targa, a lemon in a nutshell, electronics messed up, and boosting 1.8psi haha. Sold her and lost a lot of money on it. Now this was the time for some reason stock NA's with almost no mods were going for like 18k with 80k> miles were going for, at least around my way. Then right before I bought a flawed 94 targa NA. I found this gem in Ohio for cheap almost 4k then what I was looking at with a lot of mods already done. Drove 21 hours in one day, probably the best day of my life to pick the car up and drive her home. Dealt with her for a year NA and enjoyed the car, very fun car, lots of attention, But noticed that it was slow lol. Thus it was sell or swap. After almost selling it, I decided I loved her too much and kept it. Found a member T88Widebody in Pittsburgh, who did the whole swap for me, bpu parts included for a hell of a price. After a few mishaps with a water pump and boost issues, I got her running just the way I wanted. Currently running 14psi, with 18 psi in the near future. Future goals for this car, are a complete body make over, new wheels, new paint, 6 speed swap, single, and a magazine cover/and or shoot. The Toyota Supra may not be the worlds favorite car, but it sure as hell is mine! Looking to add an auto TT targa, or a targa n/a auto to the stable soon. Thank you for your time


Current Modifications:

1995 Renaissance Red Hardtop 5 Speed
371 rwhp/348 rwtq at 14psi :)

-Full Veilside body kit molded to body
-Fiberglass RMM Wing
-Veilside hood/switched to AB Flug replica (pics coming soon)
-98 Tails
-New 93-96 headlights, with sylvania silverstar bulbs

-Sparco Torino Racing Seats
-Sony Headunit
-Trd Shiftknob and shift boot

-Originally 2jz-ge,swapped to a jdm usdm converted 2jzgte with 60k miles -HKS intake -RMM downpipe -Apexi GT exhaust -FMIC -TTC Mod (Forever!! lol)

-Brembo 13in Rotors
-Brembo Brake pads
-TRD Stainless steel brake lines
-TT Calipers

18in Kazaras 235/265 front/rear. (CCWs coming soon!!) Eibach Sport springs Koni adjustable shocks TT Sway bars

-Stock 5 speed tranny and rear end
-ACT 6 puck Clutch and pressure plate
-TRD Short Shifter

-Auto Meter Boost Gauge
-Manual boost controller
-HKS Turbo Timer
-Broken AC/heat controls!! (woot)