Roman Avenesov's 1995 Supra NA-T hardtop

Roman comes to us from Charlotte, North Carolina, and has built this sweet NA-T Supra hardtop.  He is passionately converting his former NA hardtop into a true turbo monster, and you can check out the details below.

Current Modifications:

BFGoodrich GForce tires on all four stock wheels
BoostLogic T61 NA-T conversion
BoostLogic 2.5mm headgasket
BoostLogic 525cc injectors
Apex GT-spec exhaust
Denso sparkplugs
Greddy profec B spec II boost controller
Glowshift 30psi boost gauge
Glowshift AFR gauge
Lexus LS400 MAF sensor
Powerhouse Racing NA-T clutch
Car is tuned for a low boost setting of 15psi for daily driving, dynoed at 370ish whp at 14.7 psi

Future Modifications planned:

AEM wideband UEGO controller
AEM 5bar map sensor
HKS twin ignition
Full Do-Luck Kit
Gunmetal 18in Volk GT-C's
RMM wing
Top Secret CF Hood
'98 Headlight
Tinted Taillight
Racing Harnesses
Indash LCD
v160 6spd conversion
possibly WOTM 5in exhaust
Ported/Polished head
Valves and cams
TT style intake manifold