HMZ Rizal's 1993.5 Supra TT hardtop

HMZ is from is from Brunei, Darussalam and has this beautiful 1993.5 automatic transmission equipped Supra.  He bought the car in July 2003, and it is a European spec TT hardtop that now receives loving care from HMZ..

Current Modifications

HKS Intercooler Pipes
HKS Front Pipe
HKS Legal Muffler
Cusco front and Rear Sturt Bar
Apexi Springs
Koni Shocks
HKS Boost Meter
Defi Meters for EGT and Oil Pressure
Iridium sparkplugs

So far 300 HP at the wheels and 340 at the flywheel

I.C.E. (In Car Entertainment)

Kenwood Minidisc Head Unit
Kenwood Main and Mid Speakers
Sony 5 Channel Amp
Power Amp
NOS8 Bazooka
Pre Amp