Vik Patel's 1995 Supra TT hardtop

Vik comes to the registry all the way from England, and is the proud owner of this Japanese spec 1995 TT hardtop.  As you can see, he has taken quite a few steps to increase the aggressive appearance (and performance) of his awesome hardtop!

Current Modifications

HKS Titanium exhaust
HKS 2nd Decat pipe
Whifbitz 1st decat pipe
HKS Racing suction induction
Unorthodox Racing lightweight pulleys
TRD Strut tower brace
Do-Luck Centre brace bar
Tein lowering springs
18" Kahn Rims
Blitz DSBC Boost controller
HKS Turbo timer
DEFI Turbo and EGT Gauges
TRD hood
Do-Luck front bumper
Veilside rear wing, skirts and spats
Clear indicators all round including rear lights
8000k Deep blue HID Lights
Blue LED Dash lights
Greddy shift knob
RPS Clutch
Apexi Blow off valve
Honda S2000 engine start button