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I was pleasantly surprised to find this Supra at all, since Alpine Silver cars represent only a very small proportion of the Supra hardtop TT population.  I never thought that I'd actually find an Alpine Silver 1994 hardtop TT model that I could afford, but I stumbled across this car the day I received a deposit on the sale of my old 1995 hardtop.  I protected myself much more than usual when buying this particular Supra due to the high mileage (117,900 when I bought it).  However, the car had always been bone stock and the compression was very solid (155 across all cylinders) and a leakdown test also came back with favorable results (10% per cylinder).  Driving this particular car cross country from Wayne, NJ to North Bend, Washington was a real treat for me due to the comfort and civility of the car, and my long standing dream of owning an Alpine Silver hardtop TT was finally realized.  Although it is my fourth Supra, it is my third hardtop TT, and I'm optimistic that third time is the charm! 

My short term goals for this particular car call for improved handling via suspension modifications, increased power with the usual barrage of bolt-ons and stock twins, and careful but methodical weight reduction.  From a medium term perspective, I plan to add a small single turbo, augment the fuel system slightly, and decrease rotational and static weight in a calculated manner.  My end goal is a 3150 pound Supra (light fuel load) that can out-accelerate, out-handle, and out-brake the stock Supra equivalent by a significant margin.  Think Japanese Corvette Z06 and you'll be on the right track!

Previous Curb Weight = 3211 pounds with old BPU modifications and 3/8 tank of fuel.
Previous Dyno Results = 305 rwhp, 308 rwtq SAE corrected (bone stock, summer 2004)
                                          373 rwhp, 402 rwtq SAE corrected (BPU-, spring 2005)
                                          400 rwhp, 425 rwtq SAE corrected (BPU, spring 2005)
Current Drag Times = N/A, but likely slow with me behind the wheel on street tires!  =)

Pictures (BACK TO TOP)

Here are a few pictures of my 1994 Supra TT, which I purchased in early April 2004:

Modifications (BACK TO TOP)

Toyota 1998 model year brake fluid reservoir
Engine and Performance
HKS EVC EZ electronic boost controller (not installed)
HKS Type 2 Racing BOV
HKS VPC (Vein Pressure Converter)
Powerhouse Racing stainless steel upper radiator pipe
Powerhouse Racing radiator cooling plate
RPS single turbo kit with Precision Turbo 60-1 turbocharger
South Bend DXD semi-metallic/kevlar single disc clutch
TRD stainless steel exhaust (2nd generation)
TRD polished oil cap
Electronics and Tuning
Greddy BCC 2 (Boost Cut Controller)
OEM style OBD2 datalogging terminal
Toyota 1998 model year (OBD2) ECU
Seibon carbon fiber vented TS style hood
Toyota 1998 model year headlights
Toyota 1998 model year taillights (not pictured)
Fuel System
PHR fuel pulsation dampener bypass
Hawker PC680 sealed lightweight battery (14.5 pounds)
HKS Twin Power DLI ignition amplifier
NGK 6097 copper spark plugs gapped to .0315"
Interior and Instrumentation
SPI 52mm boost gauge (reading in PSI units)
TRD 10k RPM tachometer
Lubrication and Filtration
Amsoil 10w30 synthetic motor oil
K&N style conical air intake
Motul RBF 600 synthetic DOT4 brake fluid
Redline Shockproof (Heavy) synthetic gear oil
Redline Water Wetter
Royal Purple Synchromax (ATF style) synthetic transmission fluid
Toyota red coolant mixed with distilled water
Toyota 90915-20004 enlarged capacity oil filter
Custom Peerless/Audax front separate speakers/crossovers
TRD front strut tower brace (second generation)
Wheels and Tires
SSR Type C (Competition) wheels (17x8 front, 17x9.5 rear)
Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 tires (235/45/17 front, 255/40/17 rear)
Other Stuff
Re-routed (shortened) factory heater hoses
Sylvania Cool Blue 9005 bulb low beam conversion
Tinted windows (Johnson film...35% Executive Line)
Toyota 1995 model year stereo head unit
Weight Reduction
Hawker PC680 sealed battery (-25 pounds)
No charcoal canister (-2 pounds)
No EGR (twin block off plates/resistor mod) (-2 pounds)
No front tow hook/bolts on drivers side (-2.5 pounds)
No hood insulation (-5 pounds)
No rear exhaust shielding (-2 pounds)
No rear tow hook/bolts (-2.5 pounds)
No rear seatback (-15 pounds)
No rear seatbelts/bolts (-5 pounds)
No spare tire (-30 pounds)
No TRAC hydraulic pump/lines (-15 pounds)
SSR Type C (Competition) wheels (-12 pounds)