Kevin Le's 1994 Supra T hardtop

Kevin Le has the dubious distinction of being the most long awaited member of the Supra Hardtop Turbo registry.  I've known Kevin for years, and he has been working on this magnificent Supra for years...never being ready to submit her for membership here despite my repeated attempts to make him do so.  Well, it's finally that special time when his amazing Supra can be known to the entire world, and I think you'll all be very happy that he's not keeping it a secret anymore!  Kevin is currently in the middle of a move from Ohio to Southern California, and is hoping to settle down there very soon. 

As you can see from the extensive mod list, this is one hell of a serious Supra Hardtop Turbo!  Don't worry as we'll have more photos of Kevin's beast soon.

Current Modifications:

HKS T04R turbo .96 housing
PHR setup kit w/ HKS exhaust manifold and HKS Racing Wastegate
HKS Racing BOV type 2
HKS Adjustable cam gears, intake and exhaust
HKS Carbon-Ti exhaust
HKS 272 cams, intake and exhaust
NGK 3330 Spark plugs
Greddy upper radiator pipe
Greddy 3 row FMIC
Greddy Pulley kit
Greddy Oil Filter relocation kit/Lexus V8 Oil Filter
Greddy Oil Catch Tank
Greddy Blue Oil Cap
Fluidyne Radiator
Optima Orange Top Battery
Chrome Radiator Panel
Head port and polish w/ 3-angle valve job
Ferrea 1mm oversize valves
Crower titanium springs and retainers
Intake Manifold ported and eliminating EGR

SP fuel kit w/ 85 lbs injectors
Dual feed center return rail
Dual intank Walboro pumps

Blitz FATT turbo timer

SPE custom single disc clutch
Fidanza FW
TRD motor mounts
TRD transmission mount

Tein HA coilover
TRD swaybars
Project Mu front/rear brake pads
Goodridge SS brake lines

Volk GT-7 18x10 (+17mm) 18x12 (+11mm)
Michelin Pilot Sports 275/30-18 and 315/03-18

B&M short shifter
Defi Boost gauge
Defi EGT
Defi Water Temp
Defi Oil Temp
Defi Oil Pressure
Defi Fuel Pressure
Celica GTS leather 3-spoke steering wheel
Nissan 6-speed shift snob
MOMO brake handle
MOMO Pedals
Recaro Evo VIII seats
TRD 10K tach

TRD widebody kit w/ custom Top Secret type 3 front end
Euro hood scoop
Euro glass headlights
Lexus IS300 Intensa Blue Pearl paint
1998 Toyota taillights
Shaved antenna, rear wiper, and rear emblem

651 rwhp @ 22 psi