Justin Beget's 1994 Supra T hardtop

Justin Beget is the proud owner of this very low mileage and highly modified Alpine Silver Supra TT. Justin recently acquired this car from former hardtopper Brad Diermann, and is one of the most enthusiastic hardtoppers I've ever met.  Justin has painstakingly redone nearly the entire car to ensure that it's up to his high standards!  Please check out his write-up below, and go visit his car over on http://www.t04r.com as well.

Hard work is the first thing that comes to my mind about my Supra. I got the beast in early April of 2003. The car was modded up, but little did I know the problems to come. At the 2 Fast 2 Furious meet I had the chance to meet some good Supra enthusiasts: Ken Henderson, Steve Wilson and Bill Robards. After the show the car immediately went into the body shop to get a completely new body kit and custom paintjob. The work was done by Lauto Body. Since I reside in Northern California, I made various trips down to check on the progress of the car. The car was finally done at the end of July.
I was so excited to see the “New Look.” I had a different shop install my new brake kit. The next day I began my trip back up North when I had a few problems with my brake pressure. I put an emergency post up on Supra Forums and Ken immediately replied and sent me to SP Engineering. They did a great job, fixed my Brembo Big Brake Kit. I was back on my way a day later. While driving on the Grape Vine I blew a rear tire and had to get the car towed to a shop in Bakersfield. I had to spend the night although it was at a Double Tree so I made the best of it. The next morning I had it replaced and was on my way again. My goal was just to get home. Once I got to Fresno, I noticed my temp was rising very quickly and I immediately pulled over. The radiator was almost empty, I couldn’t believe it because I didn’t even boost my car. I knew then that I had blown my head gasket. I called Ken and had the car towed to SP Engineering. There they diagnosed the problem and I got a look at the internals of my engine. It was in very poor condition. The head gasket was even made of paper, can you believe that paper? The cylinders were very dark coated and the compression was terrible.

Engine / Drivetrain
A few weeks later the car was taken to DynoXtreme. My supra was going to get re-done the right way so I went with a new engine from Japan. The old engine was garbage. The problem with the old engine was due to the poor installation of the fuel system which made it run lean, not to mention the paper headgasket. DynoXteme installed the new engine. They also modified and upgraded the cam shafts and installed brand new HKS cam gears. My cooling lines were also modified and upgraded. All new seals were put in and around the engine. The 6 speed trans also had the all new seals installed, even the output seal. A Brand new RPS 6 puck clutch was also added as well as a RPS lightweight flywheel. Then it was off to tune the car. This time it was going to be done right. All I can say is that the new engine runs great. It dynoed almost 100rwhp more than the old engine at the same boost. I have a Garrett T04S Housing, containing a T-64 Compressor Wheel, P Trim, with a .96 AR. All exhaust components were HPC Hypercoated. HKS GT Wastegate. The Engine bay was completely chromed and polished, color coordinated black and red with hose techniques and SS Braided hoses. Traction control delete with, internally polished throttle body. Greddy 3 Row intercooler (polished version) installed and 2 HKS Super Sequential BOV's, one mounted in the front.

Fuel System:
The HKS fuel rail was mounted in the newly installed engine. HKS 720cc injectors were the perfect size for me. The fuel pumps were both upgraded as well as a Paxton Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator.

I have the G-Force Computer (modified Toyota ECU) which extends the rev limiter to 7500 rpms. The car came with an HKS VPC . I removed the Greddy Profec B Boost Controller because it was the older and outdated. A brand new Blitz SPC ID III was installed. This boost controller is easily my favorite. It does data logging and displays a graph of the boost in either bar or psi. The car came with the older GCC so it was scraped and an HKS SUPER AFR was put in place of it. The AFR has 11 adjustments, it’s easily a better fuel managing system than the old GCC, not to mention its digital.

A Brembo Big Brake kit was just installed with front and rear cross drilled slotted rotors. GAB Adjustable Shocks strengthened the suspension.

Volk GTC- GunMetal series wheels. Yokohama AVS Sport 245/40/18 in the front. The rear has Toyo Proxes T1-S 295/35/18.

The front seats were re-covered in soft leather and silver piping. The back seats and rear seal belt hardware were removed. Custom amp rack where back seats were, covered and rear re-carpeted. Audio System consists: Sony CDX-MP70 Headunit JBL 80.4 Amplifier (front and rears) JBL 600.1 Amplifier (Subwoofers) MB Quart 6.5" 2 way speakers front and rear 2-Infinity Kappa 10" Woofers in Custom Fiberglass Inlaid Enclosure Custom Carpeted amp rack with Monster Cable throughout the car.

My favorite color is Silver, and Pearl so I had my body shop make a custom Silver Pearl Paint. A Top Secret front bumper was added with custom cut and molded Blitz sideskirts. The AB Flug hood was added for ventilation. Many people think the rear spoiler is a RMM spoiler but it is actually a TRD one with a custom wrap of carbon fiber. A Varis Rear bumper was added to beef up the rear. It meshes perfectly with the rest of the kit. Euro glass headlights were added since the stock plastic ones fade. Also 8000k hids were added, the brightest lights available. They have a purple hue and look great. At night they even light up the trees.

Thank you, thank you, thank you
I would like to thank my parents for helping me and encouraging me along the way. Ken without you I would have had a very hard and unsafe trip back to my home so thanks for stepping in and helping me out. Steve thanks for informing me of what exactly goes into a swap so that I knew what route I wanted to take. My gratitude goes out to Sarkis at DynoXtreme for installing my wonderful new engine, Gary at Lauto Body for making the car look more than just “Nice,” and Alex at SP Engineering for helping me out when I was in a bind; not to mention having all the Supra parts that I needed in stock.

Full Parts List:

Engine / Drivetrain:
HKS T04s Custom Single Turbo Kit
HKS 750cc Fuel System Kit
HKS Fuel Rail
HKS Cam Gears (Purple Anodized)
HKS 264 Cam Shafts
HKS GT Wastegate
Greddy 3 Row Race Front Mount Intercooler, Polished
Greddy 4 Row Piping
Greddy Polished Oil Catch Can
JDM New Engine so no EGR
GAB Front Strut Tower Brace, Polished
RPS Stage 3 Clutch with Sprung Hub
RPS Lightweight Flywheel
TRD Oil Filler Cap
Chroming and/or polishing of intake plenum, throttle body, etc
Polished valve covers
Fluidyne Radiator, Polished
PWR Polished Radiator
HKS Intake
Custom Downpipe
Twin Fuel Pumps
HKS Titanium Exhaust System 4” Downpipe
Optima Redtop Battery
Boostlogic Turbo Blanket

Volk GTC- GunMetal Series
Yokohama AVS Sport 245/40/18
Toyo Proxes T1-S 295/35/18.
Brembo Big Brake Kit
Brembo front/rear cross drilled slotted rotors
GAB Adjustable Shocks

Electronics/ Audio:
G-Force Computer (modified Toyota ECU)
Blitz SBC ID III Boost Controller
Greddy Turbo Timer
HKS VPC with the proper chip
Greddy Peak Hold Boost and EGT Gauges (white faced)
Autometer Phantom Fuel Pressure and Oil Pressure gauges (white faced)
White Faced tach/Speedo
All gauges and MP3 player display match green
Sony CDX-MP70 Headunit
JBL 80.4 Amplifier (front and rears)
JBL 600.1 Amplifier (Subwoofers)
MB Quart 6.5" 2 way speakers front and rear
2-Infinity Kappa 10" Woofers in Custom Fiberglass Inlaid Enclosure
Custom Carpeted amp rack
Monster Cable Throughout

Stay Tuned:
Future mods to come as well as a new dyno at higher psi. I dynoed 606rwhp at 22psi with a boost leak (now fixed). The next dyno run, numbers should be around 650rwhp or higher.