Robert Viscosi's 1993.5 Supra T hardtop

Robert Viscosi hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania...and is the proud owner of this Supra T hardtop.  Robert prizes the hardtop platform as the lightest and purest for performance driving (which makes a great Hardtopper!) and his last scale weight (with single turbo) was verified at 3100 pounds, rounded to 20 pound increments, with 1/4 tank of fuel and a couple gallons of methanol on-board.

Current Modifications:

PT67/.68 A/R dual ball bearing turbo kit
NA brake rotors and calipers up front
No spare tire, but Dereks methanol injection kit resides in the spare tire well
Corbeau front seats
RX-7 rear wheels with MT ET Streets
Weld Pro star front wheels with Moroso 5” skinny’s (massive reduction)
Underdrive pulleys including Harmonic balancer
Lightweight flywheel
Veilside fiberglass vented hood

Removed TRAC pump and actuator
Removed all heat shields
Removed gas tank shield
Removed front bumper support
Removed charcoal canister
Removed EGR system
Removed fuel pulsation dampener
Removed passenger side air bag
Removed sub and sub box
Removed top part of rear seat

Added Chromoly 5 point roll bar

Robert would like to note that the car still has the ABS system, Air conditioning which still blows cool from original, power steering and full interior except for the parts removed which I mentioned above.