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Summary (BACK TO TOP)

I had already given up on the idea of owning/building my dream Supra, having sold my previous high mileage 1994 alpine silver hardtop in May of 2006.  During my time away from Supras I bought what was supposed to be the ultimate "drive it and forget it car"...a 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.  For several months I warmed up to the idea of the Z06, which never failed to live up to its promise of being brutally fast and capable.  However, something strange happened over the 10 months that I owned that particular car.  I suddenly realized that "drive it and forget it" became much more vivid than I had ever expected, since I came to the surprising conclusion that I had no real passion for the car despite its amazing performance potential.  Once I came to that startling realization, I knew that nothing but a KEEPER Supra TT hardtop would do for me.  I had to convince my wife that it was worth the financial and emotional hit, and to begin the often painstaking process of finding the right car to meet my needs. 

This time around, the Supra market was very different from what I was used to, and the same mid to high $20k range budget wasn't going to get the job done for the Supra I had in mind.  So, I arranged for permission and the appropriate level of finances and then set out on my mission for the KEEPER Supra.  Knowing it had to be black, knowing it had to be in great mechanical and cosmetic condition, and knowing I'd prefer a car with no stories I set out to find it.  Ironically it didn't take as long as I thought, and I found this resulting Supra in Ohio on AutoTrader.  It was listed at a higher than market value price, but the owner was reasonable and willing to work on a sales price that made us both comfortable.  Fast forward a few weeks, a couple of mechanical inspections, one enclosed trailer transport, and I picked up this beauty on June 16, 2007.  I'd like to extend thanks to Daniel and Valerie of VIP Imports for easing the entire process of turning my Corvette into a Supra, and I couldn't have done it without their great service.  Most of all, I need to make sure that everyone who reads this will forever understand that my wife and her understanding nature was the pivotal part of this entire transaction, and she is ultimately to thank for my eventual return to Supras.  To say I'm a lucky man and married very well would be a true and HUGE understatement!

My short term goals for this particular car call for lowered ride height and improved handling via suspension modifications, a Greddy front mount intercooler to improve turbo cooling efficiency and the aggressive look it adds, and some thoughtful exterior modifications such as an update to the turn signals and side markers.  From a medium term perspective, I plan to reach BPU+++ power levels, add enough electronic controls to safely support those power levels, and decrease rotational and static weight in a calculated manner.  My end goal is a 3300 pound Supra that can out-accelerate, out-handle, and out-brake the stock Supra equivalent by a significant margin.  Think Japanese Corvette Z06 and you'll still be on the right track, just like my previous Supra!  However, this time I will not be focused on performance and weight reduction first, and will pay more attention to maintaining the wonderful nature of this high quality Toyota product.

Performance Results (BACK TO TOP)

Curb Weight:
3420 pounds with full tank, no spare tire or misc. parts on-board

354 rwhp, 375 rwtq on true 92 octane pump gas (no reset ECU) - achieved August 4, 2007
393 rwhp, no rwtq reading on blended 101/92 octane fuel (reset ECU, OBD2 ECU put the A/F into the 9.x range) - achieved August 4, 2007

Drag Racing:

Pictures (BACK TO TOP

Here are a few pictures of my 1993.5 Supra TT, which I purchased on June 16, 2007. These particular photos were taken on October 14, 2007.

Modifications (BACK TO TOP)

Engine and Performance
Blitz Nur Spec cat-back exhaust
Blitz SUS high flow air intake system
Greddy 3 row FMIC
RMM downpipe
TRD oil cap
TurboXS manual boost controller
Electronics and Tuning
Greddy BCC (Boost Cut Controller)
HKS Turbo Timer
Tinted windows (Johnson Films metallic...30% front, 35% rear)
Fuel System

NGK 6097 spark plugs with .0315 gap

Interior and Instrumentation
VDO 52mm boost gauge (reading in PSI units)
Lubrication and Filtration
Mobil One 10w30 synthetic motor oil

Redline Water Wetter coolant additive


Halcyon Acoustics Stage 1 front speaker upgrade

Wheels and Tires
Bridgestone Potenza S-03 tires (245/40/18 front, 275/35/18 rear)
TRD valve stem caps
Volk Racing GT-N wheels (18x9 front, 18x10 rear)

Weight Reduction Achieved (BACK TO TOP)

Weight Reduction Item Weight Saved
Battery (stock) -> Braille battery and mount kit 24 pounds
Rear upper seat and seatbelt removal 19 pounds
Catalytic converters -> RMM Downpipe 17 pounds
Windshield washer reservoir removal (full) 11 pounds
Fuel tank cover plate and exhaust heat shield removal 8 pounds
Exhaust (stock) -> Blitz Nur Spec cat-back 7.5 pounds
Factory towhook removal (drivers side front and rear) 5 pounds
Charcoal canister and hardware removal 4 pounds
Hood insulation removal 4 pounds
Rear wiper arm removal 1 pound
Total 100.5 pounds