Jim Tanner's 1993.5 Supra TT hardtop

Jim Tanner is from Atlanta, GA...and his Supra is a 1993.5 red 6-speed hardtop.  Jim bought the car when it was bone stock and wingless, and decided to enhance its aggressive lines with the TRD hood and RMM wing you see featured below.  He's having a lot of fun with this awesome Supra, and has just achieved single turbo power!  Have fun with this awesome Supra Jim!


THIS CAR IS CURRENTLY FOR SALE, OFFERED AT $29,500.  You can contact Jim directly at this address: supra@jtanner.org

More details are available here:  http://www.jtanner.org/supra

Current Modifications:

BoostLogic BL61 turbo kit
BoostLogic downpipe
FJO wideband O2 controller
Tanabe Racing Medallion exhaust
TRD hood (genuine)
TRD braided stainless steel brakelines
Hawk HPS brakepads
RMM rear wing with carbon fiber center
RPS Stage 3 sprung hub clutch with lightweight flywheel