Thomas Kolanski's 1993.5 Supra T hardtop

Thomas Kolanski comes to us from Texas...and drives this outstanding Supra T hardtop.  Unfortunately, it's also time for him to move on, and this fine example of a Supra is up for sale now.  I want to help Thomas make sure that it finds a great new home!

Quote from Thomas:

"I am looking to sell my red, single turbo, 93.5 hardtop supra. I have been in a lot of Supras, and nothing performs like a hardtop."


Purchased in 1999 with about 20,000 miles on it.  The car has had several owners but they are all from the same family, I guess it was passed around.

I have taken meticulous care or it. I have receipts for everything that has been done on it; this is about a five inch thick file. I have receipts for oil changes every 3000 miles starting with the cars vary first oil change.
The car has about 128,000 miles on it, but this is not a good indication of wear. I drove back and forth between Houston and Austin every weekend for five years at 400 miles per round trip. This equates, realistically, to about 60,000 freeway miles just in-between Houston and Austin. I would say that better that 90% of the miles are freeway miles. This is also represented by the cars mechanical condition, flawless.


T04R Turbo Kit
Hot side of turbo and down pipe have F1 ceramic coating - $1000
HKS header
Garrett/HKS turbo
HKS wastegate
Greddy 4-row intercooler
Custom built mid-pipe
Japanese spec Greddy exhaust – 2x 2.5” better ground clearance
Full Unorthodox pulley set – no underdrive pulley
Unorthodox cam gears
Larger steel braded fuel lines
TRD shock and spring kit
TRD "Big Ass" sway bars
Full polyurethane suspension set up
OZ rims, 18x9 in front 18x11 in rear
HKS turbo timer
Greddy boost controller
Apex EL boost and EGT gauge – EGTs never over 720 C.

Recently performed maintenance:

Timing belt
Valve seals – even though they did not need it
Fuel filter
Changed all fluids
Used Royal purple in everything but Transmission
Spark Plugs

Overall condition:

Car has never been in any moving accident. Small dents acquired in parking lots have been repaired. No bondo anywhere on the body.  The mechanical condition is flawless. I am a mechanical engineer and have replaced every part that may need attention way before its failure.  The interior is in near new condition. I have replaced most anything with any signs of wear. Cloth Recaro style seats in front with leather in rear.  I replaced the 6spd transmission about 20 thousands miles ago because the original one was once filled with differential fluid. The original owner had the dealer change all the fluids before I took delivery and they put diff. fluid in the transmission, supposedly this is called for in an MKIII. This eventually led to bearing failures in the transmission.

Please call me at 713-899-8167 or write to – additional pictures available.