Chris Karn's 1993.5 Supra TT hardtop

Chris Karn calls Madison, Wisonsin home...and his Supra TT hardtop has had quite a history. He continues to work on it to get it just to his liking, and I understand that this car has a striking new paint job that we all look forward to seeing, as well as plans for new wheels. Way to go Chris!


Here is a sneak preview of what Chris' Supra looks like now:


Current Modifications:

Tein coilover suspension
Apexi AVC-R boost controller
Apexi S-AFC fuel computer
Apexi white faced Indiglo boost and EGT gauges
Apexi twin chamber blow off valve
Apexi Turbo Timer
Greddy SP exhaust system
Stillen front bumper
Veilside sideskirts and rear apron
HKS front mount intercooler
HKS adjustable cam gears
Sparco Torino seats
white faced gauges
Power Slot brake rotors
TRD brake pads
TRD front strut tower bar
New wheels are 20" Stern (Axia) with 275/35 Dunlops in the rear and 245/35 Bridgestones in the front.
B&M Ripper Shifter
Stage 5 Clutch
The Motor and Drivetrain were prepared by SP in Chicago to handle all the power I could through at her.
Rear seat has been removed interior is completely re-finished (No gawky subwoofers) I had them make a nice back panel all grey and black on the inside
Phillips HID's for low and highbeam lights

Coming Soon:

Greddy T78 and possibly Wide Body to come this fall