Amador Delatorre's 1993.5 Supra TT hardtop

Amador just moved up to Washington state from southern California...and I was fortunate to spot his white Supra TT hardtop at a recent meet.  He promised me updated photos of the car soon, so this is just a teaser shot to hold us over for the time being.  Amador and his girlfriend Stacey actually own 2 Supra TTs, and we won't hold it against him that their other Supra is an automatic targa!  He did claim to have taken so much flack for the automatic Supra that he decided he'd show everyone how passionate he was and get not only a 6 speed, but a hardtop 6 speed!  Good man, and welcome to the registry.

Current Modifications:

RMM rear wing with carbon fiber center
Stillen urethane front bumper